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NFFAWAG chairman outlines ways government can address fertilizer shortage

Davies Narh Korboe, the chairman of the National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners’Association has recommended some interventions which he believes if implemented will help solve the challenge of fertilizer shortage in the country.

Speaking at the 37th edition of the Farmers’ Day celebrations held in Cape Coast on December 4, 2021, Davies Narh Korboe urged the government to expedite the facilitation of synthetic fertilizer production in Ghana.

Whiles commending government for the Planting For Job initiative which he says has led to the growth in food production, Davies Korboe appealed to government to review its contribution to the fertilizer subsidy program to make it more effective.

“Review the percentage contribution by government to the subsidy program in coordination with farmer based organizations. Continuously work with financial institutions to find innovative financial solutions for agricultural sector and  review the program to ensure minimization of smuggling across our borders.”

“Streamline the process to ensure actual fertilizers are accounted for. Support and promote the production and use of organic fertilizer and expedite steps to start synthetic fertilizer production in Ghana under Governments fertilizer expansion program chaired by Nana Sewaa from the office of the

President,” he added.

Commends GEPA for support

Davies Narh Korboe expressed gratitude to the Ghana Export Promotions Authority for their unflinching support to Ghanaian farmers.

He disclosed that their initiatives have positively impact on the sector and ensure its growth.

I wish to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank the Board and Management of Ghana Cocoa Board in sponsoring a new award “The national Young Cocoa farmer” and capping with the Cocoa Pension Scheme. A very inspiring initiative that addresses ways to reverse age trends in cocoa production in Ghana.

In the spirit of the above, a well mentioned gratitude to the Board and Management of Ghana Export Promotions Authority (GEPA) through its initiatives in supporting the farmers in Cashew, Coconut, pineapple and vegetable farming assisting the Nation’s vibrant youth targeting Export

Growth to rake in foreign exchange in the near future.

Reappointment of Chairperson for Trees Crops Development Authority affecting tree crop production

Davies Korboe urged government to appoint a new chairperson for Tree Crop Development Authority.

He argued that the absence of a chairperson for the authority and representatives from some ministries is serving as an impediment to the effectiveness of the authority.

“Your Excellency, in September 2020, you inaugurated a 29-member board of the Tree Crops Development Authority in Kumasi in meeting one of the key policies of your government’s agenda made of majority of value chain actors nominated by the respective associations and approved by you.

“The objective of the authority is to ensure that by 2025, the six selected value chains will collectively earn the country about $2 billion.

Unfortunately, due to delay in reappointing a chairperson and representatives of MOFA, MOF and MOTI, eleven months in your second term, the board is not able to meet to serve its purposive functions. “

“This is affecting the tree crop industry and as we speak, cashew and mango farmers, expectant of a price mechanism that sets floor price are in a fix.

We wish for your intervention in this matter. His Excellency same can be said about the Seed Council.“

He further charged the banks and financial institutions to provide credit facilities to farmers and persons in agribusinesses.

“Nana Chair, His Excellency, let me remind the banks of a bold statement made some time back in a workshop by the Senior Minister who was himself an astute banker and I quote “THE BANKS SHOUDNT BE HAPPY KEEPING FAT BALANCES IN THEIR BOOKS “but rather come in

handy to help the agribusiness community access soft tailor-made agricultural credits to facilitate their business since agric is the real deal and the way to go in making the Presidents Ghana beyond Aid agenda achievable. I implore them to truly learn to understand practical agriculture to help

them in their delivery since that’s where the bigger opportunities are found which will still allow them to keep their fat balances but this time not in books but rather in good agribusinesses.”

Celebrates farmers and award winners

Davies Korboe concluded his speech with praise for Ghanaian farmers for their dedicated service and commitment to providing the nation with food.

He also reserved special praise for the new award winners and urged them to keep up the good work.

“To my new awarded colleagues, congratulations on becoming new members of NFFAWAG. In the face of various challenges, you continue to feed the nation and contribute to its economic growth. May the years ahead see Ghanaian Farmers, Fisher folks and the Agribusiness community prosper in their chosen vocation.

“I will want to encourage you to take advantage of the numerous government agricultural programs available and embrace new technologies to enhance your activities. I wish you Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance”.

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