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The youth of Ghana are beginning to realize the potential of coconut farming and the coconut value chain to the economic fortunes of Ghana.

This was revealed by the second vice-chairman of the coconut federation of Ghana; Mr. Kwaku Boateng who was full of praise for the government for her immense support for the coconut industry through her Planting for Export and Rural Development Programme.

Mr. Boateng told Globe TV in an interview that many young people are beginning to venture into the coconut value chain; a situation he says will improve their personal finances and boost revenue for the country.

Government support

He praised the president and the government for supporting the industry with free seedlings, coconut revitalization programme amongst other interventions.

He recounted that over five thousand farmers have received over one hundred thousand coconut seedlings under government’s Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) programme. He also expressed gratitude to the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and the CEO of that outfit; Dr. Miss Afua Asabea Asare for helping over three thousand coconut farmers across the country with over one hundred and sixty thousand coconut seedlings this year. He also lauded the help of GEPA and the African Coconut Group (ACG) in organizing the first ever International Coconut Festival in Ghana in 2019.

Economic Value of coconut

Mr. Boateng stressed that the country stands to benefit immensely from Coconut. He said coconut can live for up to ninety years whiles producing fruits. He explained how every part of the coconut can be utilized productively and the value thereof.

He said coconut can generate lots of revenue for the country as well as gainful employment for the youth of the country. “In 2012, coconut water alone raked in some 350 million dollars in the United States of America”

Rising interest in coconut farming

Mr. Kwaku Boateng was highly excited about the attention the coconut industry has received as a result of several promotional campaigns and increased government support. He mentioned foreign trips by the federation that gave them the opportunity to make presentations about Ghana’s Coconut which is seen as premium coconut on the international market. He also highlighted the first ever coconut conference held in Ghana last year which he said placed Ghana on the map as far as coconut production was concerned.

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